Open Play!

Curious about what happens at Open Play?

This unorthodox method of teaching has become a staple in my daily teaching. The approach is to learn at your own pace, be comfortable, and secure in your own strength. Here we give choices, are allowed to say no, and are allowed to do the same move over an over until you are happy with it. Kids learn the responsibility that goes along with becoming an aerialist and then the magic happens. This was today. ❤️🧚🏽‍♀️


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Location 69 Westchester Ave. Phone 914 764-0444 E-mail Hours M 6 am - 9 pm T 8 am - 9 pm W 6 am - 9 pm Th 8 am - 9 pm F 8 am - 9 pm S -7 am - 9pm Sun - call for information
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